1841 - LANCASHIRE       Census Date: 7th June 1841
Ref: HO107/502, ED25, Fo48, Pg37, NiS24  
Dwelling:  Novas or Kay Street, Blackburn, Lancashire  
  Rel Sex Age  Occ Birthplace
W ALSTON (A0501)  M 30 Engineer  
E Alston (R0502) F 30  
E ALSTON (A0408)  M 5 Lancashire
C ALSTON (A0407)  F 1 Lancashire
L France F 28 Power Loom Weaver Lancashire
E France M 6 Lancashire
S France F 2 Lancashire
1851 - LANCASHIRE       Census Date: 30th March 1851
Ref:  M262, ED1hh, Pg,  NiS192  
Dwelling:  Jubilee Street, Blackburn, Lancs  
  Rel Cond Age  Occ Birthplace
William ALSTON (A0501)  Head Mar 38 Engineer in Cotton Mill Gisburn,YKS
Ellen Alston (R0502) Wife Mar 37 Oxford,OXF  
Edward ALSTON (A0408)  Son Unm 15 Cotton Weaver       Blackburn,LAN     
Cecilia ALSTON (A0407)  Dau Unm 11 Cotton Throstle Spinner Blackburn,LAN  
John ALSTON (A0406)  Son Unm 9 Scholar                 Blackburn,LAN     
William ALSTON (A0405)  Son Unm 7 Scholar                 Blackburn,LAN     
Thurston ALSTON (A0404)  Son Unm 6 Blackburn,LAN
Ann ALSTON (A0403) Dau Unm 3 Blackburn, LAN     
Thomas ALSTON (A0402)  Son Unm <1m Blackburn,LAN
Note: There was a tick against the parents (William & Ellen), in the Blind or Deaf and Dumb column of this entry!.
1861 - LANCASHIRE       Census Date: 8th April 1861
Ref: M446, ED55, Pg29, NiS149  
Dwelling:  8, Jubilee Street, Blackburn, Lancs  
  Rel Cond Age  Occ Birthplace
William ALSTON (A0501)  Head       Mar   ?50 Engine Tenter in Cotton Mill Gisbourne,YKS 
Ellen Alston (R0502)  Wife        Mar    47 Oxford,OXF  
John ALSTON (A0406)  Son Unm 19 CottonCloth Looker Blackburn,LAN
William ALSTON (A0405) Son Unm 16 Glazier Blackburn,LAN
Thurston ALSTON (A0404)  Son     Unm    14 Cotton Weaver Blackburn,LAN
Ann ALSTON (A0403)  Dau     Unm    12 Cotton Weaver Blackburn,LAN
Thomas ALSTON (A0402)  Son Unm    10 Cotton Hooker Blackburn,LAN
Mary Ann ALSTON (A0401)  Dau Unm 7 Scholar Blackburn,LAN
1871 - LANCASHIRE       Census Date: 2nd April 1871
Ref: RG10-4177, Fo127, Pg27, NiS127  
Dwelling: 89, Moor Street, Blackburn, Lancashire  
Parish: Holy Trinity  
  Rel Cond Age  Occ Birthplace
Richard Ashton (A0412) Head Mar 23 Plasterer Blackburn, LAN
Hannah Ashton (A0403) Wife Mar 22 Blackburn, LAN
Ellen Ashton (A0303) Dau Unm 1 Blackburn, LAN
Mary A ALSTON (A0401) S in L Unm 17 Cotton Slubber Blackburn, LAN
Ellen Thompson Boarder Unm 18 Cotton Rover Preston, LAN