Family Tree Charts - Index
The origin for the charts is Adam and Emma JACKSON. Ancestral lines can be followed by clicking the GREEN links to follow a particular line up or down. Due to space limitations on some of the charts, YELLOW links are used to open extra pages for further siblings and descendants.

** NEW ** I have begun to write mini-biographies for various people shown on the tree. Wherever you see a persons reference number in this form e.g.  J0309  or  B0306 , the biography can be viewed by clicking on the reference number.

The table below can be used to go directly to a particular chart for names and periods of interest. Simply click on the Chart Reference.

  Surname   Period   Region(s)                   Charts  
ALSTON c1740 to 1938 Yorkshire, Lancashire B1 C1    
AMOS c1784 to bef 1871 Lancashire B2      
ANGERS Bef 1150 France H8d      
ANJOU c1090 to c1200 France H8d I8d    
AUBENEY c1110 to c1180   H8d      
AUBIGNY c1200 to c1300   G8g      
AUDLEY c1150 to c1300 Staffordshire G8f G8g H8e  
BACON c1320 to 1411 Norfolk G8b      
BADLESMERE c1300 to c1360 Kent G8g      
BALLS c1730 to 1975 Suffolk B6a B7 C7a  
BANHAM c1734 to 1803 Norfolk C8b      
BANNISTER c1700 to c1760 Worcestershire C3a      
BARBER c1690 to c1760 Norfolk C8a      
BARDOLF c1120 to c1250 Kent, Lincolnshire H8b      
BARDWELL c1570 to c1622 Norfolk D8a      
BARTON c1800 to c1858 Lancashire B1      
BARTON c1688 to 1813 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) C6c      
BASHALL c1700 to c1800 Lancashire C3b      
BASS c1785 to 1920 Kent, Suffolk B6a B6b    
BASSETT c1130 to c1200 Staffordshire H8b      
BATES c1815 to aft 1925 Ireland, Derbyshire B4      
BEN c1610 to 1690 Suffolk D6      
BLAGBURN c1798 to 1893 Norfolk, Suffolk B6a      
BLEDDYN Bef 1132 Wales H8e      
BLOMVILL / BLUNVILL c1086 to 1514 Normandy, Norfolk E8 F8a G8a H8a
BLUNDEVILLE 1499 to 1744 Norfolk C8a D8a E8  
BLUNDERFIELD 1704 to 1870 Norfolk B7 B8 C8a  
BOHUN c1160 to c1300   G8d H8c    
BOSVILE     F8a      
BOTELER c1240 to c1360 Shropshire, Essex G8d G8e G8f  
BOUGARD c1830 to Present Province of Liege, Belgium A1 B5    
BRAZEN c1600 to 1650 Leicestershire D4      
BROCK c1710 to c1790 Suffolk C6a      
BROME c1200 to aft 1316 Norfolk G8a      
BURGH c1150 to c1200   G8a      
BURNHAM c1100 to c1200 Norfolk G8b H8a    
CALTHORPE c1250 to c1480 Norfolk F8b G8b    
CANTELOU c1100 to c1220 Wiltshire H8c      
CAPET Bef 1100 France I8d      
CARTWRIGHT 1788 to aft 1891 Worcestershire, Staffordshire B3 C3b    
CAUZ 1125 to 1250 Wiltshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire G8c H8b    
CHARTER c1650 to c1700 Leicestershire C4b      
CLARKSON Bef 1750 Lancashire C3b      
CLAYTON c1740 to aft 1851 Lancashire B1 C1    
CLEVELAND c1775 to c1850 Suffolk C6b      
CONDET c1080 to c1200 Kent, Lincolnshire H8b      
CORNISH c1650 to c1700 Suffolk C7c      
CYNFYN Bef 1075 Wales I8e      
DAVILLIERS c1320 to c1400 Norfolk G8b      
DRAKE c1500 to 1585 Norfolk E8      
EARL c1805 to c1888 Lincolnshire C4a      
EDDLESTON c1650 to 1945 Lancashire B3 C3b    
ELLIS c1818 to 1908 Montgomery, Staffordshire B3      
ELMER c1690 to c1750 Suffolk C7b      
EU c1100 to c1240 Poitou, France G8d H8d    
EWYAS c1160 to c1220   H8e      
FAILON c1820 to bef 1904 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
FITZHERBERT c1180 to c1240   H8f      
FITZPATRICK c1120 to c1260 Wiltshire H8d      
FITZPIERS c1190 to c1260   G8g      
FITZROBERT c1200 to c1260   H8d      
FITZWALTER Bef 1320   G8f      
FORSTER c1516 to aft 1600 Suffolk E8      
GARNHAM c1660 to c1700 Suffolk C7b      
GARROULD c1748 to 1804 Suffolk C7c      
GAYNES c1675 to c1740 Suffolk C8a      
GERDAY c1830 to bef 1932 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
GIFFARD c1250 to c1325 Gloucestershire G8e      
GODDARD c1694 to 1827 Suffolk C7a      
GOLDSMITH c1780 to 1894 Suffolk B6a C6b    
GOURNAY c1429 to 1562 Norfolk E8 F8b    
GREENWOOD c1750 to c1840 Lancashire C1      
GREY c1070 to 1437 Denbighshire, Oxfordshire F8b F8c G8c H8b
GRUFFYDD Bef 1310 Montgomeryshire G8f H8e    
GWERSTAN Bef 1050 Wales I8e      
HADENHAM c1550 to c1740 Suffolk C7b D7b    
HADINGHAM c1692 to 1884 Suffolk B7 C7b    
HADLEY c1670 to 1747 Worcestershire C3a      
HARGREAVES c1767 to c1880 Lancashire B3 C3b    
HART c1620 to 1800 Leicestershire C4b D4    
HASTINGS c1270 to 1350 Monmouthshire G8c      
HEMENHALE c1400 Norfolk? F8a      
HERDEBURGH c1200 to c1340   G8f      
HEYDON c1455 to c1500 Norfolk E8      
HINAS     B4      
HOLLYS 1665 to 1733 Worcestershire D3      
HOWSON c1780 to 1969 Lancashire B1 B2    
HUNTINGDON c1170 to c1230   H8f      
INGLOS c1400 to c1500 Norfolk E8 F8a    
JACKSON (Maternal) c1675 to Present Worcs, Staffs, Lancs A1 B3 C3a D3
JACKSON (Paternal) c1797 to Present Lancashire A1 B1    
JONES c1784 to c1850 Lancashire B2      
JONES c1730 to c1790 Worcestershire C3a      
JONES c1787 to 1857 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) B6b      
KEABLE 1736 to c1810 Suffolk C6a      
KING c1560 to c1610 Cambridgeshire D8b      
KITCH c1644 to c1700 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) C6c      
LAMB c1560 to c1900 Lincs, Notts, Leicestershire B4 C4b D4  
LARHAM c1780 to c1850 Suffolk C6b      
LEGRAND c1830 to bef 1909 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
LEIGH 1126 to c1250 Bedfordshire H8b      
LONGCHAMP c1120 to c1300 Herefordshire G8c H8c    
LONGESPÉE c1170 to c1260 Wiltshire H8d      
LONSDALE c1600 to 1720 Lancashire C3b D3    
LOVELL c1300 to bef 1400 Northamptonshire (Titchmarsh) G8b      
MADOG bef 1270 Montgomeryshire, Shropshire G8f H8e    
MAINE c1150 to c1130   I8d      
MAINWARING c1170 to c1230   H8e      
MANDEVILLE c1160 to c1240   H8c      
MAREDUDD Bef 1160 Whittington in Wales H8e I8e    
MARRIOT c1700 to 1750 Nottinghamshire C4c      
MAUTBY c1345 to 1398 Norfolk F8b G8a    
MESCHIN c1080 to c1170 Gernon (France) H8b      
MONTFORT c1070 to c1120   I8d      
NEWSON c1700 to c1790 Suffolk C7b      
NEWSTEAD c1680 to c1740 Suffolk C8a      
NOLLOTH c1610 to 1670 Suffolk D7b      
NORTON c1520 to 1783 Norfolk C8a D8b    
ODDINGSELES c1200 to c1330   G8f H8f    
OLDRIN(G) 1625 to 1952 Suffolk B7 C7c D7c  
OWAIN Bef 1210 Wales H8e      
PAGE c1735 to c1830 Norfolk C8c      
PANTRIDGE c1640 to 1743 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) C6c      
PARKINSON c1767 to c1810 Lancashire C3b      
PASTON c1376 to 1443 Norfolk F8a      
PERKS c1675 to c1740 Worcestershire D3      
PILLING Bef 1650 Lancashire D3      
RACKHAM c1590 to Present Suffolk, Norfolk A1 B6a C6a D6
REVELL c1560 to 1848 Norfolk C8a C8b D8b  
REYNOLDS c1740 to 1846 Suffolk C7b      
RICHES c1730 to 1888 Norfolk B8 C8c    
ROPIER 1786 to bef 1841 Worcestershire C3a      
ROS c1150 to 1413 Northumberland, Yorkshire F8c G8g H8f  
ROSTRON c1813 to c1870 Oxfordshire B1      
ROUS c1730 to c1790  Suffolk C7a      
RUFFUS 1135 to c1230 Northamptonshire H8b      
St.OMER c1320 to c1420 Norfolk F8b G8b    
SALT / SAULT c1700 to c1790 Worcestershire C3a      
SANDIFORD/SANDAFER c1700 to 1845 Nottinghamshire C4b C4c    
SEPTON c1830 to 1916 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
SERGEANT c1798 to c1902 Lancashire B2      
SLATER c1700 to c1800 Lancashire C3b      
SMITH c1765 to c1830 Suffolk C6a      
SMITH c1710 to 1782 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) C6c      
SOYEUR c1836 to1920 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
SPARRAM c1560 to c1610 Norfolk D8a      
STAFFORD c1320 to c1420   F8c G8g    
STANHOWE 1248 to c1300 Berwick and Norfolk G8b      
STOKES c1680 to 1740 Leicestershire C4b      
Le STRANGE (LESTRANGE) c1170 to c1400 Shropshire, Denbighshire F8c G8e    
SYMONS c1560 to c1640 Norfolk D8b      
TALVAS Bef 1174 Wiltshire H8d      
TAYLOR c1560 to c1620 Leicestershire D4      
THOMPSON c1780 to aft 1891 Lincolnshire B4 C4a    
THOMPSON c1790 to 1898 Suffolk B7      
THROWER c1680 to 1774 Norfolk C8c      
THURSTON c1710 to 1779 Norfolk C8a      
TILLY c1700 to c1790 Worcestershire C3a      
TOESNY Bef 1200   H8d      
TREGOZ c1130 to c1280 Herefordshire G8e H8e    
TURVILLE c1200 to c1300 Buckinghamshire G8f H8f    
TYRELL / TURRILL c1760 to 1853 Suffolk B7 C7a    
URRY c1670 to 1910 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) B6b C6c    
VALOIS Bef 1080 France I8d      
VAUX c1260 to 1320   G8g      
VERDUN c1180 to 1320 Staffordshire G8c G8d H8c  
VERMANDOIS c1030 to c1130 France; Sussex. I8d      
WALKDEN c1825 to aft 1891 Lancashire B2      
WARD c1800 to 1979 Lincolnshire; Derbyshire B3 B4 C4a  
WARE c1720 to 1781 Suffolk C7a      
WARENNE c1040 to c1220 Sussex H8d I8d    
WARKWORTH c1180 to c1240   H8f      
WARNIER c1820 to bef 1904 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
WÉRA c1836 to1920 Province of Liege, Belgium B5      
WHELEN c1840 to aft 1911 Kildare, Ireland B4      
WHITCHURCH c1210 to 1304 Norfolk G8e      
WILLIAMSON c1550 to c1700 Norfolk D8a E8    
WOLNOLL c1650 to c1700 Norfolk C8b      
WOLSEY 1722 to 1803 Norfolk C7c      
WOODALL c1640 to c1820 Worcestershire C3a D3    
WOODS c1780 to 1837 Suffolk B6a C6b    
WIGHT c1688 to c1770 Hampshire (Isle of Wight) C6c      
WRIGHT c1791 to 1859 Suffolk B7      
WYTHE c1360 to c1420 Norfolk F8b G8b    
YAROSLAVNA Bef 1075 Kiev I8d