Scrapbook Page for Isaiah JACKSON

Birth Certificate - 1888

Isaiah was born at home in Henrietta Street, Blackburn, on the 25th January 1888.

Marriage Certificate (1) - 1911

Isaiah and Mary were married on the 12th July 1911 at St Mark's Church in the Witton district of Blackburn.

Clayton & Goodfellow's Atlas Works in Blackburn

Clayton & Goodfellow established the Atlas Works in Darwen Street in 1850. They began with a special piston for steam engines but were soon producing complete steam engines and installing them in mills. (c) Wally & Howard Talbot Collection

Marriage Certificate (2) - 1934

Isaiah and Florence were married on the 14th April 1934 at Blackburn Register Office. Just 2 weeks after his first wife died and 2 months before Jean (their last child) was born.

Jan 1972

Isaiah (Ike) Jackson

c 1974

Isaiah wearing a joke wig.

Death Certificate - 1977

Isaiah died on the 6th June 1977 in Queen's Park Hospital, Blackburn, from Chronic Bronchitis.