Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson

Sir Ralph BOCKING-B2304 was born in Ash Bocking, Suffolk. He died after 1346. Ralph married Lady Katherine BROME-B2303 # after 1316.

Ralph was lord of the Manor of Deopham in 1346, by right of his wife Katherine.
Their arms are in the church of Ash Bocking, Suffolk.

Lady Katherine BROME [Parents]-B2303 # was born in Newton Flotman, Norfolk. She died after 1316. Katherine married Sir Ralph BOCKING-B2304 after 1316.

Other marriages:
BLUNVILL, Sir William de

In 1316, Katherine de Blomevile presented Nicholas de Blunvyle to the rectory of Newton Flotman (was this another son? what is meant by 'presented'? - is it as an infant or as young man, perhaps entering the clergy)

Marriage Notes:

Katherine's second marriage

Sir Roger de BROME-B2403 # was born in Broome, Norfolk. He died in ?.

He had the following children.

  F i Lady Katherine BROME-B2303 # died after 1316.

Sir William de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2401 # was born in Newton Flotman, Norfolk. He died in 1275.

William was under-age at the time of his father's death.
In 1267, he had a grant to him and his heirs of free warren in his demesne lands in Deopham and Newton Flotman.
In 1268, he confirmed by his deed the grant to the Monks of Canterbury of his father Richard and his grandfather William de Blunvill.
From 1270 to 1273, he was the Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire.
He was a knight in 1273.
In 1275, the year he died, he acted as sub-escheater for the County of Norfolk.

He had the following children.

  M i Sir William de BLUNVILL-B2301 # died in 1315.
  M ii John de BLUNVILL-B2302 died after 1314.

John de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2302 died after 1314. John married Alice.

Alice died in ?. Alice married John de BLUNVILL-B2302.

They had the following children.

  F i Alice BLUNVILL-B2203.

Sir Henry de WALPOLE-W2201 was born in Houghton, Norfolk. Henry married Alice BLUNVILL-B2203 before 1314.

Alice BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2203. Alice married Sir Henry de WALPOLE-W2201 before 1314.

Sir Richard de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2501 # was born in Newton Flotman, Norfolk. He died before 1230. Richard married Amicie before 1230.

Granted land to St Benets Abbey.
Lord of the Manors of Newton Flotman and Deopham in 1226, when he gave a third of the tithes of Deopham to the Monks of Canterbury.

Amicie died after 1257. Amicie married Sir Richard de BLUNVILL-B2501 # before 1230.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  M i Sir William de BLUNVILL-B2401 # died in 1275.

?? de STUTVILLE-S2501 was born in Bedingham, Norfolk. ?? married Amicie after 1230.

Amicie died after 1257. Amicie married ?? de STUTVILLE-S2501 after 1230.

Other marriages:
BLUNVILL, Richard de

Sir William de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2601 # was born in Newton Flotman, Norfolk. He died in From 1205 to 1222. William married Margery de BURGH-B2610 #.

William worked as Constable of Corfe Castle, Dorset in From 1203 to 1205.

In 1199, William inherited the land in Selfresca and the Manor of Deopham in Norfolk. His arms are in the windows of the church there.

Margery de BURGH [Parents]-B2610 # died in ?. Margery married Sir William de BLUNVILL-B2601 #.

Other marriages:

Marriage Notes:

Marjery's first marriage

They had the following children.

  M i Sir Richard de BLUNVILL-B2501 # died before 1230.
  M ii John de BLUNVILL-B2502 died after 1240.
  M iii Robert de BLUNVILL-B2503 died after 1239.
  M iv Ralph de BLUNVILL-B2504 died after 1251.

Odo de WENDESTRE-W2601 was born in Stathe, Somerset. He died before 1222. Odo married Margery de BURGH-B2610 #.

Margery de BURGH [Parents]-B2610 # died in ?. Margery married Odo de WENDESTRE-W2601.

Other marriages:
BLUNVILL, William de

Marriage Notes:

Marjery's second marriage

Ralph de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2701 # died about 1199.

Nephew and heir to his uncle Richard de Blunvill (B2802). Succeeded to land in Colne and Selfresca, Norfolk before 1198.

He had the following children.

  M i Sir William de BLUNVILL-B2601 # died in From 1205 to 1222.
  M ii
Ralph de BLUNVILL-B2602 died after 1252.

Ralph worked as Archdeacon of Norfolk in From 1237 to 1252 in Norfolk.

Held land in Hemingstone, Suffolk in 1243.

Ralph de Blonvilla (?Blundeville)
First certain occ. 7 Nov. 1236, receiving legacy from estate of late bp., Thomas de Blundeville (d. Aug. 1236), to whom he was therefore prob. related and by whom he was prob. appd., i.e. before Aug. 1236 (Close R. 1234-37 p. 384). Depr. for pluralism, perhaps before 31 May 1237 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 4738; cf. C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 183), but occ. as archdcn. of Norfolk 28 July 1237 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 190). In dispute over archdcnry. with Simon the Norman, 4 March 1239 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 4738). Still alive, but not archdcn., 18 Jan. 1245 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 898).

From: 'Archdeacons: Norfolk', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 2: Monastic cathedrals (northern and southern provinces) (1971), pp. 64-67.
  M iii
Thomas de BLUNVILL-B2603 died on 16 Aug 1236. He was buried in Aug 1236.

Thomas worked as Constable of Colchester Castle in 1223. He worked as Constable of The Tower of London in 1224. He worked 1 as Bishop of Norwich in From 1226 to 1236.

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