Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson

Thomas HADENHAM [Parents]-H1006 was born about Dec 1651 in Darsham, Suffolk. He was christened on 23 Dec 1651 in All Saints, Darsham, Suffolk. He died in 1694. Thomas married Sarah.

Thomas worked as a Grocer in Saxmundham.

Sarah died in ?. Sarah married Thomas HADENHAM-H1006.

They had the following children.

  M i
Thomas HADENHAM-H0906.

Inherited the Shop in Saxmundham.
  F ii
Elizabeth HADENHAM-H0907.

Inherited land in Darsham, Laxfield and Westleton.

Thomas MASON-M1101 died in ?. Thomas married Margaret HADENHAM-H1104.

Margaret HADENHAM [Parents]-H1104 was born about Feb 1601 in Darsham, Suffolk. She was christened on 09 Feb 1601 in All Saints, Darsham, Suffolk. Margaret married Thomas MASON-M1101.

Henry HADENHAM [Parents]-H1108 died in 1640 in Reydon, Suffolk. Henry married Ann.

Ann died in ?. Ann married Henry HADENHAM-H1108.

They had the following children.

  F i
Ann HADENHAM-H1008 died in ?.

Thomas CARVER-C1101. Thomas married Dorothy HADENHAM-H1109 in 1621.

Thomas worked as Sawyer in 1631.

Dorothy HADENHAM [Parents]-H1109. Dorothy married Thomas CARVER-C1101 in 1621.

They had the following children.

  F i
Elizabeth CARVER-C1002.
  F ii
Mary CARVER-C1003.

Richard MOLLETT-M1102 was born in Leiston, Suffolk. Richard married Mary HADENHAM-H1106 in 1625.

Mary HADENHAM [Parents]-H1106 was born about Mar 1597 in Darsham, Suffolk. She was christened on 12 Mar 1597 in All Saints, Darsham, Suffolk. Mary married Richard MOLLETT-M1102 in 1625.

They had the following children.

  F i
Elizabeth MOLLETT-M1001.
  F ii
Susan MOLLETT-M1002.
  M iii
William MOLLETT-M1003.
  M iv
Robert MOLLETT-M1004.

Robert HADENHAM [Parents]-H1204 died about Sep 1620 in Sibton, Suffolk. Robert married Elizabeth NEWSON-N1202 in 1591.

Robert had a will 1 on 02 Aug 1620 in Sibton, Suffolk.

Elizabeth NEWSON-N1202 was born in Cratfield, Suffolk. She died after Aug 1620. Elizabeth married Robert HADENHAM-H1204 in 1591.

The Will of Robert HADENHAM (H1204) confirms the maiden name of Elizabeth as NEWSON and mentions that she had a brother called Samuel.

They had the following children.

  M i William HADENHAM-H1111 was born in 1592.
  M ii John HADENHAM-H1112 died in ?.
  F iii Elizabeth HADENHAM-H1115 was born before 1599.
  F iv Mary HADENHAM-H1113 was born after 1599.
  F v Anne HADENHAM-H1114 was born after 1599.
  M vi Samuel HADENHAM-H1116 died in 1660.

William HADENHAM [Parents]-H1111 was born in 1592. William married VEISEY-V1101 in 1626.

VEISEY-V1101 was born in Cratfield, Suffolk. VEISEY married William HADENHAM-H1111 in 1626.

John HADENHAM [Parents]-H1112 died in ?. John married Frances REEVE-R1114.

Frances REEVE-R1114 was born in Westleton, Suffolk. She died in ?. Frances married John HADENHAM-H1112.

William LAUTER-L1101 died in ?. William married Mary HADENHAM-H1113.

Mary HADENHAM [Parents]-H1113 was born after 1599. Mary married William LAUTER-L1101.

Nathaniel HUGGEN-H1117 died in ?. Nathaniel married Anne HADENHAM-H1114.

Anne HADENHAM [Parents]-H1114 was born after 1599. Anne married Nathaniel HUGGEN-H1117.

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