Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson

Thomas CARVER-C1101. Thomas married Dorothy HADENHAM-H1109 in 1621.

Thomas worked as Sawyer in 1631.

Dorothy HADENHAM [Parents]-H1109. Dorothy married Thomas CARVER-C1101 in 1621.

They had the following children.

  F i
Elizabeth CARVER-C1002.
  F ii
Mary CARVER-C1003.

Richard MOLLETT-M1102 was born in Leiston, Suffolk. Richard married Mary HADENHAM-H1106 in 1625.

Mary HADENHAM [Parents]-H1106 was born about Mar 1597 in Darsham, Suffolk. She was christened on 12 Mar 1597 in All Saints, Darsham, Suffolk. Mary married Richard MOLLETT-M1102 in 1625.

They had the following children.

  F i
Elizabeth MOLLETT-M1001.
  F ii
Susan MOLLETT-M1002.
  M iii
William MOLLETT-M1003.
  M iv
Robert MOLLETT-M1004.

Robert HADENHAM [Parents]-H1204 died about Sep 1620 in Sibton, Suffolk. Robert married Elizabeth NEWSON-N1202 in 1591.

Robert had a will 1 on 02 Aug 1620 in Sibton, Suffolk.

Elizabeth NEWSON-N1202 was born in Cratfield, Suffolk. She died after Aug 1620. Elizabeth married Robert HADENHAM-H1204 in 1591.

The Will of Robert HADENHAM (H1204) confirms the maiden name of Elizabeth as NEWSON and mentions that she had a brother called Samuel.

They had the following children.

  M i William HADENHAM-H1111 was born in 1592.
  M ii John HADENHAM-H1112 died in ?.
  F iii Elizabeth HADENHAM-H1115 was born before 1599.
  F iv Mary HADENHAM-H1113 was born after 1599.
  F v Anne HADENHAM-H1114 was born after 1599.
  M vi Samuel HADENHAM-H1116 died in 1660.

William HADENHAM [Parents]-H1111 was born in 1592. William married VEISEY-V1101 in 1626.

VEISEY-V1101 was born in Cratfield, Suffolk. VEISEY married William HADENHAM-H1111 in 1626.

John HADENHAM [Parents]-H1112 died in ?. John married Frances REEVE-R1114.

Frances REEVE-R1114 was born in Westleton, Suffolk. She died in ?. Frances married John HADENHAM-H1112.

William LAUTER-L1101 died in ?. William married Mary HADENHAM-H1113.

Mary HADENHAM [Parents]-H1113 was born after 1599. Mary married William LAUTER-L1101.

Nathaniel HUGGEN-H1117 died in ?. Nathaniel married Anne HADENHAM-H1114.

Anne HADENHAM [Parents]-H1114 was born after 1599. Anne married Nathaniel HUGGEN-H1117.

Tobias FORMAN-F1102. Tobias married Elizabeth HADENHAM-H1115 in 1626.

Elizabeth HADENHAM [Parents]-H1115 was born before 1599. Elizabeth married Tobias FORMAN-F1102 in 1626.

Samuel HADENHAM [Parents]-H1116 died in 1660 in Westleton, Suffolk.

He had the following children.

  F i
Mary HADENHAM-H1009.

Natural Born
  M ii
Samuel HADENHAM-H1010 was born in 1644.

Thomas COLLES-C1302 died in ?. Thomas married Alles HADENHAM-H1305.

Thomas and Alles (Alice?) had 7 children

Alles HADENHAM [Parents]-H1305 died in ?. Alles married Thomas COLLES-C1302.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth COLLES-C1202.
  F ii Margaret COLLES-C1203.
  F iii Ann COLLES-C1204.
  M iv William COLLES-C1205.
  M v Robert COLLES-C1206.

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