Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson

William Frederick BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0252 was born 1 on 24 Jan 1917 in Norwich, Norfolk. He died 2 on 20 May 1998 in Norwich, Norfolk. He was buried in St Swithin Churchyard, Frettenham, Norfolk. William married 3 Bertha Yvonne CODLING-C0209 on 18 Mar 1950 in Norwich Outer (RD), Norfolk.

Other marriages:
DADE, Gladys I

UK Telephone Directories
23, Stafford Ave., Costessey, Norwich Tel: 744160

Bertha Yvonne CODLING-C0209 was born 1 on 26 Apr 1926 in Aylsham (RD), Norfolk. She died 2 on 18 Mar 2017 in Norfolk. She was buried on 18 Apr 2017 in St Swithin's Church, Frettenham, Norfolk. Bertha married 3 William Frederick BLUNDERFIELD-B0252 on 18 Mar 1950 in Norwich Outer (RD), Norfolk.

UK Telephone Directories

Stafford Stores,  280,  Dereham Rid,  New Costessey,  Costessey, Norwich        Tel: 2217

Stafford Stores,  280,  Dereham Rid,  New Costessey,  NOR 47J          Tel: 381

They had the following children.

  F i Brenda Y BLUNDERFIELD-B0138.
  F ii Linda A BLUNDERFIELD-B0139.
  M iii William S N BLUNDERFIELD-B0140.

Stanley W OAKLEY-O0204.

Gladys I DADE-D0210.

Other marriages:
BLUNDERFIELD, William Frederick

Andrew BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0136.

Other marriages:
RAGINEL, Catherine Danielle

Susan Mary LATTER-L0116.

Other marriages:

Nigel J DICKINSON-D0111.

Susan Mary LATTER-L0116.

Other marriages:

Victor Francis BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0251 was born 1 on 10 Mar 1930 in Dunmow (RD), Essex. He died 2 in Nov 1986 in Tower Hamlets (RD), London. Victor married 3 Yvonne M BEZANT-B0265 about Feb 1954 in Dunmow (RD), Essex.

According to the story written by Iris for the BBC WW2 Memories archive, her eldest brother went by the name of Ken. Victor is the eldest brother.

Yvonne M BEZANT-B0265.

They had the following children.

  M i Nigel V BLUNDERFIELD-B0141.
  M ii Stephen Paul BLUNDERFIELD-B0142 was born on 12 May 1959. He died on 11 Nov 2011.

Cyril R OWERS-O0205.

Iris F BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0256.

Richard BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0137.

Jacqueline Ann PHILLIPSON-P0104.

Gerald Roy BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0257.

Eileen Mary GALLAGHER-G0214 was born 1 on 19 Jul 1937 in Uxbridge (RD), Middlesex. She died 2 in Jul 1998 in Havering (RD), London. Eileen married 3 Gerald Roy BLUNDERFIELD-B0257 about May 1968 in Newham (RD), London.

Other marriages:

The surname of Eileen is  unclear as there are two entries in the GRO Marriage Index, identical except for the brides surname. One shows GALLAGHER the other WILKINS. I have chosen to use the GALLAGHER name as that is the mother's maiden name shown under the birth of their daughter.

They had the following children.

  F i Teena Maria BLUNDERFIELD-B0153.
  M ii Thomas Edward BLUNDERFIELD-B0151.
  F iii Dawn Geraldine T BLUNDERFIELD-B0143.

John Henry BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0259.

Sheila A R HURRELL-H0233.

They had the following children.

  M i John Paul BLUNDERFIELD-B0152.
  M ii David B BLUNDERFIELD-B0144.
  M iii Gary Mark BLUNDERFIELD-B0145.

Clifford GARTHWAITE-G0215.

Sheila Joy BLUNDERFIELD [Parents] 1-B0260 was born 2, 3 on 10 Mar 1939 in Dunmow (RD), Essex. She died 4 about Apr 1988 in Downham (RD), Norfolk. Sheila married 5 Clifford GARTHWAITE-G0215 about May 1960 in Dunmow (RD), Essex.

Sheila preferred to spell her name as 'Shelagh'.

They had the following children.

  F i Julia GARTHWAITE-G0105.
  M ii Matthew GARTHWAITE-G0106.

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