Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson

John de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2502 was born in Chensfield, Hertfordshire. He died after 1240. John married Joan.

Granted land to Colchester Priory in 1240

Joan died in ?. Joan married John de BLUNVILL-B2502.

Robert de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2503 was born in Moulton, Norfolk. He died after 1239. Robert married Elizabeth BRAYDESTON-B2505.

Robert and Elizabeth had no children

Elizabeth BRAYDESTON-B2505 died in ?. Elizabeth married Robert de BLUNVILL-B2503.

Coheir of Thomas de Braydeston

Ralph de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2504 died after 1251.

Ralph was Archdeacon of Norfolk in 1237.
Party to a land suit in Ilketshall, Suffolk in 1251.

He had the following children.

  M i
Richard de BLUNVILL-B2402 died after 1251.

William de BLUNVILL [Parents]-B2801 # died after 1146.

Took his name from the fief of Blunvill, near Havre in Normandy.
William was gifted the Manor of Newton Flotman in Norfolk by Hubert de Rye.
Witnessed land grant of William fitz Robert de Boseville to the Priory of Castleacre at Kempston, Norfolk, in the time of Henry I (1100-1131).

He had the following children.

  M i Ralph de BLUNVILL-B2701 # died about 1199.

Richard de BLUNVILL-B2901 # was born in Blonville in Calvados, Normandy, France. He died after 1086.

Had a grant of land in Sterleshey in Colne Engaine, Essex.

He had the following children.

  M i William de BLUNVILL-B2801 # died after 1146.
  M ii
Richard de BLUNVILL-B2802 died before 1198.

It is not known if Richard married but he did not have any children.
Held land in Selfresca, Norfolk.
His grant of land to Blythborough Priory was confirmed by charter of Richard Ist 1198/9
  M iii
Walter de BLUNVILL-B2803 died after 1149.

Witnessed the foundation charter of Sibton Abbey in 1149.

Robert KING-K1401 died about Oct 1649 in Newton Flotman, Norfolk. Robert married 1 Patience BLUNDEVILLE-B1406 on 28 Oct 1605 in St Mary's, Newton Flotman, Norfolk.

Sold the manor of Newton Flotman in 1646 but allowed to remain there, until his death, for a peppercorn rent.
His will is dated 22 Aug 1649 and was proved (PCC) 3 Jan 1649/50

Patience BLUNDEVILLE [Parents]-B1406 was christened on 20 Jan 1585/1586. She died 1 on 07 Jan 1638/1639 in Suffolk. She was buried in Saint Marys, Newton Flotman, Norfolk. Patience married 2 Robert KING-K1401 on 28 Oct 1605 in St Mary's, Newton Flotman, Norfolk.

The authors of Athenae Cantabrigiensies (Volume II 1586-1609, pages 342/343) written in 1861, describe Patience and Elizabeth as daughters from Thomas's second marriage to Margaret Johnson.

There is a commemoration to Patience on the family tomb at St Mary's in Newton Flotman.

John BASTARD-B1609 died in 1530. John married Ann BLOMVILL-B1606 before 1530.

Ann BLOMVILL [Parents]-B1606 died after 1567. Ann married John BASTARD-B1609 before 1530.

Other marriages:
BLAKE, Jasper

Ralph SALTER-S1601 died in ?. Ralph married Olive BLOMVILL-B1607.

Olive BLOMVILL [Parents] 1-B1607 died in ?. Olive married Ralph SALTER-S1601.

John NASHE-N1601 was born in of Swainsthorpe. He died in 1548. John married Amy BLOMVILL-B1608.

Amy BLOMVILL [Parents]-B1608 died in ?. Amy married John NASHE-N1601.

William DOWNING 1-D0801 died in ?. William married Elizabeth HADINGHAM-H0806 on 20 Jul 1755.

William worked as Blacksmith in Southwold, Suffolk.

Elizabeth HADINGHAM [Parents] 1, 2-H0806 was born in 1732 in Heveningham, Suffolk. She was christened on 16 Aug 1732 in Heveningham, Suffolk. She died before 1774. Elizabeth married William DOWNING-D0801 on 20 Jul 1755.

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