Ancestors of Adam and Emma Jackson

David B BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0144.

Susan Patricia EGLETON-E0109.

They had the following children.

  F i Samantha Ivy BLUNDERFIELD-B0027.

Stephen Paul BLUNDERFIELD [Parents] [scrapbook]-B0142 was born 1 on 12 May 1959 in Dunmow (RD), Essex. He died 2, 3 on 11 Nov 2011. He was buried on 25 Nov 2011. Stephen married 4 Lesley A LAUDRUM-L0117 about Aug 1981 in Uttlesford (RD), Essex.

Lesley A LAUDRUM-L0117.

They had the following children.

  F i Emma Jayne BLUNDERFIELD-B0031.
  M ii Ben Francis BLUNDERFIELD-B0028.

David PERRY-P0207.

Phyllis J BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0262.

William S N BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0140.

Valerie A BARNEY-B0146.

They had the following children.

  F i Laura Jane BLUNDERFIELD-B0029.
  M ii Jason Lee BLUNDERFIELD-B0030.

Percy David BLUNDERFIELD [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-B0311 was born 2 on 05 Dec 1907 in Methwold, Norfolk. He died 3 on 22 Jun 1984 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He was buried in Jun 1984. Percy married 4 Violet Rose HOBBS-H0361 about Feb 1952 in Downham (RD), Norfolk.

Percy was recorded in a census on 02 Apr 1911 at Globe Street, Methwold, Norfolk. He worked 5 as Merchant Navy Seamen Records in 1921/1941 in United Kingdom.

When his mother's will was proven in February 1951, Percy was described as a Farmer.

At the time his father's Will was proven in April 1954, Percy was employed as an Agricultural Worker.

Violet Rose HOBBS-H0361 was born 1 about Feb 1902 in Hampstead (RD), London. She died 2 about Aug 1968 in Downham (RD), Norfolk. Violet married 3 Percy David BLUNDERFIELD-B0311 about Feb 1952 in Downham (RD), Norfolk.

Michael E KING-K0104.

Brenda Y BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0138.

Richard L ADCOCK-A0108.

Linda A BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0139.

Gordon Sydney HOWES-H0234.

Sheila Joan BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0263.

Peter H BUCHAN-B0267.

Marion A BLUNDERFIELD [Parents]-B0264.

Thomas C DENNY-D0406.

Dorothy Grace GOODA-G0419 was born 1 about Aug 1894 in Mutford (RD), Suffolk. Dorothy married 2 Thomas C DENNY-D0406 about Aug 1938 in Lothingland (RD), Suffolk.

Other marriages:
BLUNDERFIELD, Francis Revell

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